Facebook Ad Targeting no longer available on Ad-Level

Facebook advertisers who are buying and running media, components that influence delivery (including targeting and bid) are moving to the ad set level in order to bring greater transparency to delivery predictability.


Before, targeting and bid info was required at either the ad or ad set levels. But from today March 11th, 2015 these fields will be required on the ad set level and no longer available on the ad level.
Targeting at the ad set level will also no longer support action spec targeting.


Bid info will now be available at the ad and ad set level. After March 11th, 2015 it will be required at the ad set level and optional at the ad level. In Facebook interfaces excluding Power Editor, it will only be available at the ad set level.


If you have not migrated ads into an adset with targeting and bid info, your existing ads will continue running at your current configuration – but you will not be able to modify neither targeting nor bid settings.




Will this change affects old ads?

  • Old ads will continue to deliver as they did before. The only thing you cannot do  is edit the targeting of old ads (or any ads for that matter).
  • Please keep in mind that you will be unable to create new ads inside of old ad sets (ones with no targeting/bid) without changing them first. You’ll either need to make a new ad set, or set targeting/bid on the ad set.

Will Facebook be migrating existing ads to the new schema?

  • No. Migration of an ad-set (meaning, you set targeting/bid on the ad set) is strictly a user-opt-in thing. They can migrate as few or as many as they please.

What will happen to delivery of old deprecated ads? Will they continue to deliver? If yes, when will they stop delivery? E.g. Let’s say an ad type desktop ads got deprecated, will the old ads continue to deliver, etc?

  • Old ads will continue to deliver for at least a month or two. Facebook will continue to monitor the total spending from legacy ads. At some point, if it’s low enough, it will be paused, or deleted , or archived, or performed some other actions on the remaining ads without adset level targeting, to achieve a fully consistent system where all active ads have L2/adset-level targeting.

What are the geographic considerations? What are the international rollout dates?

  • It’s a global rollout.

How will reports work with l2 targeting? e.g. demographic info breakdowns, how will it work at the ad and ad set levels?

Reports are unchanged.