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Website and mobile custom audiences

CUSTOM AUDIENCES from websites and mobile on Facebook now allows businesses to deliver targeted messages to people who have visited their website or mobile app. It allows targeting across browsers, overlaying of native Facebook targeting, access to mobile inventory, and usage of all FB ad units. Similar to the current custom audiences offering, Custom Audiences from your website and mobile app can also be used for exclusion targeting.



A business places the Facebook remarketing pixel on their website, or the Facebook or third-party SDK in their mobile app, and then builds Custom Audiences based on the actions people take while visiting their site or mobile app. Once done, the business can deliver ads to these users based on these actions. Further enhance engagement with the new call-to-action buttons (that would be released in the coming weeks).


The example on the left is an ad created with a custom audience from website. The business is targeting an audience that has previously visited their website and has crafted a specific message only for this audience.

The Page post also uses the new action button ‘Shop Now’ to drive a higher click through on the ad.

Another example of how businesses can use these features:

A travel website with the remarketing pixel could use Custom Audiences to reach a group of people — for example, people that searched for flights but never made a reservation — with a targeted message in News Feed: ‘Come back for 10% off your next flight reservation’ with the action button ‘Book Now’.




Businesses have already seen great results by incorporating the expanded features of Custom Audiences into their campaigns:

  • Using Custom Audiences from its website, Zaggora, a women’s activewear company, drove 3-6X return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Seeking Alpha, a leading financial news application, saw its average cost per install reduced by 28% when targeting mobile app install ads to people who had previously visited the Seeking Alpha website
  • By reaching people from their mobile app who added to their cart but did not purchase, JackThreads, an online retailer for guys, saw over 8X ROAS. In another campaign, JackThreads achieved over 4X ROAS by targeting and re-engaging purchasers from the last 30 days, but not from the past day.



Facebook’s global rollout will take place gradually starting from today. All advertisers on Social Ads Tool are expected to have access to these updates in the interface by the end of Q1 2014.


1) ‘In order to create a Custom Audience using this method, the account needs to have already accepted the Terms of Service for Custom Audiences, which can be found in Power Editor’

As always, please contact your SAT account manager if you have any questions or would like more information on this topic.


Facebook new campaign structure March 4 – what you need to know now


Facebook will be rolling out a new campaign structure globally from March 4th to make it easier for advertisers of all sizes to measure success and test campaigns,. The current two level structure(campaigns and ads) will evolve into a three level structure(campaigns, adsets and ads).


When the new structure is rolled out to your ad account, all your campaigns will be migrated automatically to the new structure.

  • All current campaigns will become adsets.
  • The new Campaigns will adopt the same names as current campaigns

The migration will not impact the delivery, spend or performance of your existing ads, and you’ll still have access to historical data for any of your existing campaigns and ads.

Once the migration takes place, your campaigns and adsets will have the same names. We recommend that you reduce the number of campaigns, and combine adsets with the same objectives under 1 campaign.

Facebook explains the layers as follows:

  • Campaigns correspond to each of your advertising objectives, like building brand awareness or driving Web traffic. They’re designed to help you optimize and measure your results for each objective across multiple ad sets and ads. Assigning objectives is recommended but not obligatory.
  • Each campaign can feature multiple ad sets, each of which has its own budget and schedule. You can also organize each ad set to represent audience segments, like people who live near your store. This will help you control the amount you spend on each audience, decide when they will see your ads, and measure their response. The ad-delivery system will optimize delivery for the best-performing ad in an ad set.
  • Within each ad set, you can have multiple ads, each of which can feature different images,links, video, or text. You’ll still control the creative, targeting, and bidding at the ad level.


How should you use the new structure?

Let’s say you are the owner of an online store. You may have a few different advertising objectives:

  • Drive traffic to your website to increase conversions(sales, registrations)
  • Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes
  • Promote weekly Offer claims.

With the new campaign structure, you’ll begin by creating a campaign for each objective.

Next, you can create ad sets representing the audiences you want to reach in each campaign. For instance, in the campaign built around driving traffic to your website, these are possible adsets to create

  • Demographic targeting – age, gender, location, language  etc
  • Users currently on your email list – using Data file custom audiences
  • Users who had visited the homepage of your site but did not complete any action – using website custom audiences

Finally, you’d create ads for each ad set. You can create multiple ads within each ad set, making sure each ad is targeted to the same audience while delivering different images, links, video, or ad copy. This can help you learn which ads perform best per target adset/audience and, in turn, create better-optimized campaigns.





Page Like Ads now visible in Newsfeed on Desktop!

Page Like Ads are a great way to expand your fan base. By suggesting your page to users and friends of fans who have a similar interest, you can boost the number of people liking your page exponentially.

These ads were typically displayed on Right Hand Side of Facebook and recently began to display on mobile newsfeeds. As of this morning, they can now also appear in the newsfeed on Desktop.

To take advantage of this great new ad placement, we recommend building some new Page Like Ads and selecting a placement that includes Newsfeed on Desktop. To get full visibility of the performance of this new slot you could target only that exact position:

For any help with this new option please use the help system by clicking on ‘Contact support’ in the header of SAT.


Welcome to the new homepage!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our homepage and we’re happy to release it today.

What do you think? You’ll notice that we currently support Italian, Russian, Turkish, and English languages – and Social Ads Tool will remember which language you’re viewing the site in and provide our award-winning Facebook Ads management tool in the same language.

You can also get a clear update from our huge Facebook community, and webinars or other events will be clearly visible.

We hope you like it!


Placement (mobile, news feed) targeting now available!

Placement targeting allows you to select where your ads will be displayed.

You now have control over whether or not to display ads on:

  1. The right hand side of Facebook
  2. The news feed

Plus, you can choose to run ads on mobile or desktop (or both).

Full documentation is available from the link on your Dashboard.


Best wishes,

SAT Development Team


Optimized CPM bidding now available


We have launched Optimized CPM bidding last Friday.

Optimized CPM bidding is a way to bid on CPM but let Facebook deliver traffic in ways which are most valuable for your objectives.

A full user guide article is available for download from you Dashboard.

Best wishes,
SAT Development Team


Issues relating to ad creation and editing are resolved

Today’s issues with the Facebook API are currently resolved and ad edit/creation/etc. are back to normal.

Have a nice day,

SAT Development Team

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