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Facebook Ads Guide: Objectives, Ad Types and Placement Options


Facebook Ad creation can be easier than you think. Here’s a simple cheat sheet for you to check which Ad Types are available for which Objectives, and which Placement Options you can choose between for each Ad Type.

Facebook Ads Guide: Objectives, Ad Types and Placement options


You can see and download the full-size table here.


Holiday Checklist for Facebook Ad Campaigns


Are you ready for the holidays?


Preparing for the holidays can be busy, so to help we have prepared a checklist for your Facebook ads campaigns to make sure your campaigns run merrily through the festive period.



Social Ads Tool Holiday Checklist for Facebook Ads - December


Make sure you remember to:

  • Plan your content calendar
  • Schedule your ad sets
  • Establish a crisis-response plan
  • Promote your best-converting ads
  • Automatically promote your best performing page posts
  • Check your mobile pages


Read or download the full guide with top tips revealed by real digital experts to make sure you are fully prepared:


Social Ads Tool Holiday Checklist for Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads Guide: Which bid types can be used with which objectives?


Facebook Ad Objectives and Bids


Which bid types can you use with which ad objectives? Print our clear Facebook Ads cheat sheet to make your campaign creation easier.


Social Advertising Management: In-House or Outsource?

SAT elance first bubble

It was roughly 20 years ago when marketing experts started popularizing the idea that every company must have their own website. A few years back, we heard a similar recommendation being circulated, but this time, experts were telling people that every business had to leverage social media. While this is no doubt true, many companies struggle with the particulars. Perhaps no issue challenges them more than deciding between outsourcing the management of their social advertising campaigns and trying to handle them in-house. The following article should help you gain a better understanding of whether in-house management or outsourcing is preferable and why.


  1. It’s Not All or Nothing
  2. Consider Your Staff’s Knowledge
  3. Consider the Time of Year
  4. Costs of Outsourcing
  5. Flexibility
  6. Work Culture
  7. The Social Ads Tool Solution


It’s Not All or Nothing

Inhouse or outsource

First, however, let’s debunk a persistent myth where this discussion is involved. Just because you decide to handle your social advertising campaigns in-house doesn’t mean you still can’t leverage the talents and services of other people or companies and vice-versa.

Many companies shy away from taking their campaign management in-house because they’ve come to believe that doing so will bring with it the very scary proposition of essentially going at it alone. The potential issues that could cause can be so overwhelming to think about that it just makes sense to hand the duties over to an agency.

The truth, however, is that  whether you choose to go in-house or outsource the work, you can always switch back and forth (easier in the digital age than ever) or simply blend the two options to create the right solution for your company’s unique needs.


Consider Your Staff’s Knowledge


In-house or outsource 2

One of the main reasons to outsource your social advertising management is because, frankly, your staff may not be up to the task. Everyone is familiar with social media these days, of course, but that doesn’t mean your people will know how to effectively run a marketing campaign. Even if they do, they may not have the particular skill set for your business’ needs. An experienced marketing firm will likely have a far better chance of matching your requirements to individuals in their company who will be able to meet them and even have experience doing so.

Also, for many companies, it makes far more sense to outsource the work than try to push their staff through the learning curve as fast as possible. Social Ads Tool’s Managed Services is a good example of how companies can get the social media marketing they need from an experienced agency, while gaining an education in this form of advertising at the same time. Eventually, many companies decide they are ready to take over responsibility, at which point they simply continue using our platform like the Social Ads Tool team did before them. We can also step back in at any time if necessary.


Consider the Time of Year

in-house or outsource 3


Another reason to adopt the “it’s not all or nothing” mindset is because there may be times throughout the year when it makes sense to consider outsourcing some aspects of your campaign, even if you’ve been handling the entire thing in-house.

The holidays are always a prime example. Most companies will experience between 30% and 40% during this time alone. Not taking advantage of all this potential profit could severely hurt a company’s overall operation.

With Social Ads Tool’s Managed Services, though, companies can get the help they need, when they need it and without having to greatly increase overhead and cut into profits during this important time.



Costs of Outsourcing


in-house or outsource 4

Speaking of costs, it’s important to note that it’s not always as cut-and-dry as saying that companies that outsource their work automatically spend more. You have to understand that in-house operations could cost you too, especially if it means hiring more staff.

According to the Outsourcing Institute, companies that take advantage of outsourcing save 9% in costs, on average, while seeing a 15% increase in quality and capacity. Of course, as a unique business, you may find that outsourcing just isn’t right.

However, one thing you should appreciate about outsourcing your needs is that you can scale at will. This often makes it a very good option for smaller businesses that don’t have the resources for something more permanent right now. Whether it’s because you’re still learning the ropes or you have uncharted waters ahead and are unsure of how your needs will change, outsourcing may be a good, if not temporary, solution.

For larger companies, though, that are more sure of their future, bringing things in-house is probably best. By hiring the right people and/or using the right software, scalability isn’t as big a hurdle, nor is it as likely to be a continuous challenge in the first place.

Just remember the importance of finding the right people. The luxury of hiring an agency is that they are hungry for your business and, having worked for so many others, will most likely have no problem hitting the ground running. Hiring on the right candidate or candidates can be a lot more work.




in-house or outsource 5

When you think about your marketing team, flexibility definitely has to be considered. Obviously, if your campaign is a hit, you want to double down on those efforts. Likewise, if your marketing efforts cause a backlash, you need to mobilize quickly to limit the damage.

With social media, though, this is even more so the case. Your market can directly address and/or respond to your company and you’ll often be expected to have a reply right away.

Another way to think about flexibility is in terms of your ability to change a marketing team’s focus. It’s not always possible to plan a campaign every step of the way. Like we just touched on, too, events can unfold beyond your control that make it necessary to quickly change things up.

If your team is in-house, you should have no problem quickly calling a meeting and directing your marketing team in whatever direction now makes the most sense. This will likely be a bit more difficult if you outsource your needs.


Work Culture


The same can be said, to a large degree, about your company’s work culture. Do you have a very specific tone as a company? Is there a “personality” you want ascribed to it? If so, it may be hard to trust an outside agency with understanding that and pulling it off effectively. Who better than someone from the company to adopt its voice and use it?

This is generally a feature of smaller businesses (though not always). Those with this issue will most likely need an integrated solution that combines in-house marketing with some outsourced support to save money.


The Social Ads Tool Solution

As we’ve alluded to above, Social Ads Tool has a solution for this marketing problem, no matter what size your company is or how busy they are at the moment. With our list of tools, taking your needs in-house doesn’t have to mean crippling your efforts. You can implement your company’s unique tone, the expertise of your employees and much more, all while combining it with our platform’s potential.

On the other hand, if you’re a small business or one without a lot of experience in the social media realm, why not let us do the heavy lifting for a while? Our Managed Services solution is about taking on your social media marketing needs until you feel comfortable using our platform to do it on your own (or you have the resources to hire on staff to do it, etc.). Of course, you may decide it just makes sense to leave it in our hands; we’d be happy to handle this important role for you.

The third option, though, is simply using us when you need to. When the holidays come, instead of letting a rush of customers become a bad thing, we can provide the support necessary to make sure you make the most of this unique market. Then, when things go down, you can return to simply using our software in-house.

Choosing the right way to manage your company’s social media marketing needs is crucial. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution out there, but depending on your company’s size and experience, one option generally makes more sense over the other. Fortunately, you can always pick the best of both worlds, as you need it, by leveraging Social Ads Tool’s solutions.






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Facebook is decreasing organic posts’ reach again

SAT Facebook reach

 How to adapt your social media strategy?


SAT Facebook reach


AdAge published a great article about Facebook’s newest algorithm changes here. Facebook is going to start restricting the reach of brands’ unpaid, or organic, posts that the Facebook algorithms consider overly promotional. The scope is to ensure to have only the best content in people’s news feeds.

The criteria for a post to be considered overly promotional are the act of pushing people to buy a product, install an app or enter a contest, and sweepstakes or posts that are just re-purposed ads.

The organic posts are going to be evaluated with the same filters as ads, e.g. by checking how many people hide them from their news feed. The Pages that post this kind of promotional content will see a significant decrease in their distribution, but most of the Pages won’t see any change in their reach.

This new change in the Facebook algorithm is pushing some brands to using more promoted posts and paid ads to compensate for the shorter reach of the unpaid posts. This might end up increasing the prices of the ads.

That’s why you should focus on the importance of strengthening your organic content strategy, and, at the same time, supporting it with a strong Facebook advertising strategy. Both of these goals are achievable through the use of Social Ads Tool and our partner Allin1Social, the multi-channel social media management platform.

This is the one truth on how to succeed on Facebook today – you need to focus on high quality content at the right intervals for the highest engagement rate. It is nearly obligatory to run a Facebook ads campaign on your best performing posts to make sure your fans see it. If you want to make things easier, you can boost your best performing posts automatically with our Page Booster tool on Social Ads Tool, whilst optimizing your posts content on Allin1Social.