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Page Like Ads now visible in Newsfeed on Desktop!

Page Like Ads are a great way to expand your fan base. By suggesting your page to users and friends of fans who have a similar interest, you can boost the number of people liking your page exponentially.

These ads were typically displayed on Right Hand Side of Facebook and recently began to display on mobile newsfeeds. As of this morning, they can now also appear in the newsfeed on Desktop.

To take advantage of this great new ad placement, we recommend building some new Page Like Ads and selecting a placement that includes Newsfeed on Desktop. To get full visibility of the performance of this new slot you could target only that exact position:

For any help with this new option please use the help system by clicking on ‘Contact support’ in the header of SAT.


Welcome to the new homepage!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our homepage and we’re happy to release it today.

What do you think? You’ll notice that we currently support Italian, Russian, Turkish, and English languages – and Social Ads Tool will remember which language you’re viewing the site in and provide our award-winning Facebook Ads management tool in the same language.

You can also get a clear update from our huge Facebook community, and webinars or other events will be clearly visible.

We hope you like it!


Placement (mobile, news feed) targeting now available!

Placement targeting allows you to select where your ads will be displayed.

You now have control over whether or not to display ads on:

  1. The right hand side of Facebook
  2. The news feed

Plus, you can choose to run ads on mobile or desktop (or both).

Full documentation is available from the link on your Dashboard.


Best wishes,

SAT Development Team


Optimized CPM bidding now available


We have launched Optimized CPM bidding last Friday.

Optimized CPM bidding is a way to bid on CPM but let Facebook deliver traffic in ways which are most valuable for your objectives.

A full user guide article is available for download from you Dashboard.

Best wishes,
SAT Development Team


Issues relating to ad creation and editing are resolved

Today’s issues with the Facebook API are currently resolved and ad edit/creation/etc. are back to normal.

Have a nice day,

SAT Development Team


Editing external ads errors


We have implemented a fix which should resolve this issue temporarily – however this fix may not be stable. Please try usual methods for editing/creating ads and if they fail please use the workaround.


Creating and editing external ads is not possible through SAT interface.

An issue with the Facebook API prevents this operation.


  1. Use Import/Export (editing in Excel) feature to make edits and creations of external ads.

We expect a fix to be available by end of the day.


Other issues caused by this problem:

  1. Creation of channels may fail with or without error.
  2. Updating (editing) of channels may fail with or without error.

There are no workarounds for those issues at this point.




Safari and Chrome now fully supported

We just finalized full support for the most popular browsers:

  • Firefox

  • Chrome

  • Safari

We will continue to develop Social Ads Tool to work perfectly in all three.


Insights for pages and posts now available

New feature! We have made insights data for pages and posts available to all SAT users.

Check out your engagement, virality, reach, and TAT (talking about this) and choose the right posts to promote easily.

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