Facebook Ads Guide

Facebook Ads effectiveness

Do Facebook Ads work? Let’s find out how to measure the effectiveness of Facebook Ads and what you can do to make your ads more effective.

Keeping your Facebook campaign budget under control is easy when you understand how much Facebook Ads cost. Sometimes you realize that your CPC campaign is costing zero: If you get tons of impressions but no clicks, and your ad is relevant to the target audience, it can be a good idea to experiment with different versions of the ad: Use a new picture, or make changes in the title or body text.

In the next chapter we will see how to optimize Facebook Ads more in detail, but for now let’s say you have an effective ad when your CTR is high.

Your ad is effective also when you manage to spend less, with a low CPC or CPM, and still get clicks.

Effective Facebook Ads CTR and CPC

The chart below shows that on Facebook you can expect different performances depending on ad categories: A very effective Facebook Ad related to Health Care products or pages, can have lower CTR and higher CPC compared to the average Automotive related ad, and still be considered successful.

Advertisements related to leisure topics can be more successful because Facebook as a platform is used to consume and share fun content with friends.

This is one of the reasons why advertising on Facebook is very different than bidding on keywords on Google Adwords. Find out more about the differences between these two platforms reading Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads.