Facebook Ads Guide

Optimize Facebook Ads

Sometimes you don’t know how to optimize your Facebook campaign, and even if you keep monitoring your Facebook Ads Manager, you can’t notice any improvement in performance.

One of the most useful Facebook Ads tips you will get is to try different ad versions, rotating your ads and refreshing them when they stop performing. This can be crucial because normally, after a few days, ads become stale: This is known as the “ad exhaustion” phenomenon.

Facebook Ads Optimization Tips

One of the factors that can greatly affect your Facebok Ad effectiveness is the image. Sometimes images, photos or drawings in different styles can dramatically impact your ads performance.

You can also improve your targeting, thinking about your target audience preferences about music and movies, or target Fans of competitor Facebook Pages that could be interested in your services or products.

To experiment with different images keeping everything else the same, you just need to click on your Ad name on the Facebook Ads Manager, and below the preview box you will see the “Create a Similar Ad” button, that will take you to a page with all fields pre-populated with your existing ad settings: You can change just one element, the call to action wording in body text for instance, and Title, URL, image and targeting will be the same.

Create many similar ads experimenting with small changes. Don’t refrain from using a different title or just making multiple versions of your ad run simultaneously with just different images. By running all ad versions simultaneously, Facebook will employ ad rotation and will automatically choose the best performer among your ad group.

You can decide whether to pause ads that aren’t performing or to let them run. You could also notice that some ads work better than others in different times of the day or during nighttime, and decide to pause and start them manually. Social Ads Tool lets you manage multiple campaigns and schedule ads to run on specific times of the day.