Facebook Ads Guide

What are Facebook Ads?

You might ask yourself why certain Facebook Ads are showing on your profile page, or on your friend’s profile page. Then you’ve come to the right place to find out how advertisers are targeting you and how Facebook Ads work. Let’s first take a look at a sample Facebook page and the different components that make a Facebook Ad. Advertisements on Facebook are placed in the right sidebar of the homepage, or on Facebook profile pages and fan pages, under a “Sponsored” header that clearly shows the nature of the links that are listed below: Facebook Ads on a profile page Depending on the kind of page you are viewing, Facebook Ads can have two formats, horizontal (image A, the same format used in the profile page above), or vertical (image B):
Horizontal Facebook Ad

Image A - Horizontal Facebook Ad

Vertical Facebook Ad

Image B - Vertical Facebook Ad

There is no functional difference between the two layouts, apart from the way the image and the text (Ad Body Copy) are displayed.

Anatomy of a Facebook Ad

The three fundamental parts of a Facebook Ad are the Title, the Body Copy and the Image. There is also a web address that is where you go after you click on the Facebook Ad (you won’t see it displayed on the ad): It could be another Facebook page or an external website’s page. Facebook Ad Elements Below the Ad Body Copy you could see a Like button, that will help in making the ad more compelling when one of your friends clicks on it: You will see your friend’s name below the Facebook Ad, as an endorsement for it. A RSVP (respondez s’il vous plait) button can be shown if the landing page (the page you will visit if you click on the ad) is a Facebook Event page. Facebook apps like the Roman Game advertised in the example will have different closing lines that will show the names of the friends who interacted with the app. The ‘X’ in the upper right corner lets you remove the ad from the sidebar and give feedback to Facebook (this feature is used to score the Facebook Ad’s quality). Read our Facebook Ad Optimization guide to learn more about how to optimize Facebook Ads.)

Looking for more information about Facebook Ads?

You might be wondering about Facebook Ads effectiveness, especially if you are one of those users that never click on ads while browsing the web. Well, there is a difference between Facebook Ads and those you see on Google and other websites, and it’s in the targeting system. If you want to find out more about it, jump to Facebook Ads vs Google Ads. In the next section you will learn how advertisers can target groups of users to make their Facebook Ads more effective. Continue reading: how Facebook Ads work.