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Here are some of our free Social Media marketing tools for professionals – quick and easy ways to keep track of your social advertising performance on the go or to quickly get estimates on your target audience worldwide on Facebook.
Social Ads Tool Lite
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Facebook Ads management has never been easier! Social Ads Tool (SAT) is a quick budget, bid, and status editor for Facebook Ads. It allows you to quickly see the amount of spend today both at campaign and at ad level.

Designed as a 'lite' version of the powerful web-based service of the same name, Social Ads Tool is geared towards keen Facebook Ads managers who want to keep an eye on their campaigns quickly and without the need for a full web browser.

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Social Stats
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Ever wondered how many 23 year old male Facebook users like online games in Italy?

Estimate the audience of your defined demographic and learn about education rates, age and gender distribution, and find out exactly how many people like the topic you define.

Advertisers can find vital information such as recommended monthly ad budget, expected clicks and cost per day, as well as suggested bid for their Facebook Ads campaigns.

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